Monday, November 28

B Bakery

15 Bussorah Street. T. 62939010

We weren't terribly impressed with this place on our first visit. As recommended by the newspaper review, we tried the chocolate manjari cake with lemon cream. It was quite a creative combination, and well-executed, but nothing to write home about. We also had the passionfruit cheesecake. This was encased in thick plastic coated with chocolate, so at first try, we weren't sure why the cake wasn't yielding. But definitely not a plan well thought through as we got our fingers messy with chocolate bits as we tried to remove it. More curious were the bits of seemingly leftover chocolate sponge under the meringue caketop--was something missing? The cheesecake didn't have a distinctive passionfruit flavour either.

But on a second visit a couple of weeks later, I tried the apple sage cake and the strawberry short cake. Both were simple and light. The apple sage was slightly sticky, and a bit delicate on the palate; but the strawberry short cake had my dining companion raving from the first bite. At S$3.50 (US$2.10), these really were quite a steal.



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