Sunday, January 22

Seng Kee - Roast Meats

86 Zion Road Food Centre

There are few places left in Singapore where the hawker stall food does not smack of the “franchised” taste and look. This place is one such rare find. Its specialty is in roast meats: duck, chicken, siew yoke (roast fatty pork), and char siew (roast pork). The meats come with the edges slightly charred with just the right amount of smokiness, and the fats, yes, fats, though not pleasing to the eye and diet, have a melt in your mouth quality. You can have this either with rice or noodles (which was nice and springy), with a generous serving of a brown sauce that enhanced the smokiness in the meats.


At 3:32 pm, Blogger jaya said...

what is the stall number? and is there takeaway?


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