Monday, July 17

Min Jiang

22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel T. 6730 1704

It has become sort of a tradition for me to dine here at least once in July: a one time favourite dim sum hunt that continues to serve good quality dim sum but have seem to have fallen behind in popularity in the face of all the many new restaurants constantly cropping up.

Nevertheless it remains an excellent option for the likes of me, who want good dim sum but minus the endless buzz of a packed restaurant.

You can never go wrong with the daily soup here – double boiled for hours and tasting just like how my grandmother would have made it. Other favourites include the char siew pao (roast pork bun) that is amazingly fluffy on the outside, and lovely, moist and rich on the inside; the cheong fun (flat rice rolls) stuffed with char siew (roast pork) is also very fine to the taste; the har gow (prawn dumplings) so crisp and fresh, you simply have to taste it; steamed tofu with prawn and the soft carrot cake. Yums…


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