Tuesday, October 24

Bread Bar, Los Angeles

Bread Bar
8718 West 3rd Street, LA
T. (310) 205 0124

I love this place for its fresh loaves and fab sandwiches. Aptly named Bread Bar, you can have your pick of olive, sun-dried tomatoes, multi-grain, wheat… in the bread. They have also very cleverly designed their menu around them – with lovely breakfast dishes and hard to resist sandwiches. Our timing this visit gave us the perfect opportunity to try their pastries. They brought out trays of it, piping hot from the oven, just as we were tucking into our sandwiches. We had to have them of cause, the almond croissant and the apple turnover. The almond pastry was the stunner – with melt in your mouth sweet almond meal and the flakiest of pastries. It was divine.


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