Monday, January 23

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

5 Koek Rd Cuppage Plaza, #04-05 T. 6734-2492

Given the glowing reviews I'd heard of this place, it was the ultimate test of discipline to sit there and wait for my dining companion to arrive while slightly sweet fumes tauntingly wafted through the restaurant from the open grill, and as all around me I heard the umms and ahhs of enraptured patrons. It took all my forbearance to keep my head down and focus on the menu, which thankfully was suitably extensive to keep me busy. And with such a buildup, it was only after we'd been through a number of skewers that I found myself able to stop and finally contribute to the conversation.

So its evident then that sumiyaki (Japanese bbq) has found a fan in me. Kazu's portions are small enough that you could probably sample a large variety, but with prices ranging from $1.70 -$4.00 a stick (US$1.00-$2.50), you're likely not going to be trying everything on the menu. To ensure you don't get overwhelmed by the selection available, here are my recommendations to start the ball rolling: i) chicken wings, crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside, ii) enoki mushrooms wrapped in ham, crunchy and succulent even, iii) foie gras, iv) gingko nuts, and v) sweet potato and butter (you'd be a fool to miss this out.)

Hard as it is for me to say this, I wouldn't have dessert here though. It just doesn't match the quality of the main offering, and I have had better elsewhere. The dessert platter of the day is beautiful though. (Actually, try it. Our misgivings with this could have been precipitated by our arrogant suggestion to the chef of what ice-cream we preferred. Oh, the folly of questioning the artisan!)



At 6:08 pm, Anonymous carbo-crazy said...

What's that you said about sweet potato and butter? How come you did not let your food deprived relative know about this yummy low glycemic delicacy when the poor thing is suffering for lack of suitable carbohydrates? next family outing, we are making a beeline for this restaurant, okay?

At 12:43 am, Anonymous gourmetdiva said...

Jus so you know..... I finally made it to the blog again. I guess my being fashionably late so that you could build up your appetite paid off indeed! Excellent recommendations! - All my favs too!


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