Wednesday, July 26

Hui Lau Shan (Desserts), Hong Kong

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It serves hundreds of varieties of hot and cold desserts, but my favourite is the mango pudding. A soft wobbly pudding filled with chunks of mango, served with even more fresh mango, and drizzled with a mango puree. All fresh with non of that out-of-a-box taste. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, and a giant scoop of coconut ice-cream (this is the one part that I cant quite figure out and always tell them to leave out) Sounds like too much mango? Never.

I am all the more thrilled that they have introduced a mango series. I am now hooked on the pomelo mango dessert: base of mango pudding, drowned with mango puree, topped with chunks of fresh mango and a generous sprinkling of pomelo sacs. All servings are generous. Prices, reasonable HK$20-25 / US$2.50.


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