Tuesday, August 1

Hachi Japanese Restaurant

218 Orchard Road #03-03 Orchard Emerald T. 6734 9622

This is a restaurant with no menus. The only question we were asked was: "what do you not eat?". And the feast begins.

It started with a refreshingly crisp spinach salad, followed by a ladies fingers salad, way too much sashimi that was super duper fresh and totally addictive especially with the special dipping sauce made of soy, grated ginger and spring onions, an oh-so-fresh and way huge fresh oyster with a spicy dipping sauce, a palate cleansing tea pot soup, very ordinary brinjal dish, and then a huge braised fish each – I could not tell what it was but it was delicious, oxtail stew that was too meaty for my preference, and finally, a cold somen (noodle) that was simply lovely. We also had a touch of green tea ice-cream. It was only after the waitress checked that we had enough that the dishes stopped coming. Total meal was S$97 / US$57 per person. Heaven.


At 2:52 am, Blogger Michelle said...

Hi, when was this posted? This year? I used to go to Hachi very often when I lived in Singapore and then, Hachi was in Orchard Plaza. I know the owner Watanabe-san and his wife.
Are they still in Orchard Emerald now or have they moved?

At 2:54 am, Blogger Michelle said...

Oops! Now I see it's 2006 in August,,,, and it;s 2010 now. Apologies for my asking, but if you do the location of that Izayaya Hachi, please do let me know.
Thanks a million.

At 10:30 pm, Blogger tlc said...

hey, if i am not mistaken, they are now on mohd sultan road just off river vallery. and they have more tables!


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