Wednesday, October 25

Maxwell’s Café, Los Angeles

Maxwell’s Café
13329 Washington Blvd, Culver City
T. (310) 306-7829

This place has been a favourite of mine from when I first started coming to LA. An old-style, no frills diner, it serves up some of the best home-cooked breakfasts ever (sure they have other meals on the menu too but I have only ever been here at breakfast time): fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs and traditional bacon and eggs, spiced up with yacutan sausage. The ultimate is it's stuffed French toast - French toast stuffed with cream cheese and served with a pile of the freshest strawberries. Pity I was here midweek. The special French toast is served only on weekends.
On weekends, the lines can grow. To keep customers happy, they have at their counter and endless coffee pot and plenty of mugs that those waiting in line can help themselves to.


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