Sunday, November 12

Sanobar (Lebanese)

One Fullerton Road #01-05
T. 6423 9182

I could taste the smokiness in the dip. A smokiness that the chef later confirmed came from directly grilling the brinjal (eggplant) over a charcoal fire till it slides off the skin. It was delicious, the brinjal dip. We also tried the hummos that was marvelous with the lavosh (flat bread) and the very excellent chickpea patties. The grills were just as good: the kebab, lamp chop, chicken and fish, served with a dry chilli dip. It had the charcoal smokiness I love on meats cooked this way. The lamb shank was so tender it tore off easily at the touch of the fork, and went well with the couscous, and a naturally sweet vegetable stew.

All dishes were complemented with a date drink that tasted more like really delicious rose syrup filled with almond slivers, pine nuts and raisins.

And to end off a superb meal, we were presented with these lovely pastries filled with almonds, walnuts, and in one instance, flavoured with an amazing rose essence.


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