Saturday, November 11

Banoo (Persian)

7 Mohamed Sultan Road
T. 6235 7989

Middle-Eastern dining is getting better in Singapore. I came to Banoo, a new Persian resturant with great expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. I first started with their version of the yoghurt drink flavoured by crushed mint leaves. It was light and a superb way to start a meal.

Then came the eggplant dip and the hummus that was delicious with the flat bread. The grill was just tasty – we tried the chicken, beef and lamb – though picky me would have preferred it a tad more smoky.

What stood out here were its stews. It was cooked for hours till the meat was tender and the dish naturally sweetened by the vegetables. We tried a second stew and found it to be just as tasty, and rather similar in taste to the first. Perhaps all Persian stews share the same base? And the best part of it all, the place was comfortably casual and very afforadable.


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