Monday, May 21

Persis, Hyderabad

Paradise Hotel, Hyderabad

Ok, so I'm back from my extended hiatus. This was just too good to not blog about. Hyderabad is famous for dum biryani, and I daresay I now know why. And without exception everyone we asked in Hyderabad said Persis was the best place to have it. Oh boy, what an experience. It was moist, not oily, and tremendously flavoursome..and I promise one of my dining companions was moved to tears. But because it comes to you on a plate, you miss out on the faint-inducing first smells, from when they break the dough seal on the pot. Ok, just to explain..the traditional way of making biryani is to cook the meat with the rice in a copper pot and cover the top with a dough seal, and stick the whole thing in the oven. And you break the seal just before eating. Apparently in the old days this is what the labourers took to work with them everyday cos the seal kept the food warm until they were ready to eat at lunch.

Oh yes, and we had some wonderful kebabs to start as well.

Please. Don't miss this.

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