Wednesday, June 6

Chocolates, The Basque Country

So you know I like my chocolate. And if you've been out with me often enough, you know I feel compelled to enter every chocolate store I come across-its the way I sight-see! So here is my review of the chocolates in the Basque Country. From left to right: Henriet (Biarritz), Puyodebat (Bayonne) and Penaquel (La Rioja). All of them are dark, at least 60% cocoa solids, and cost between 4.50-5 euros a bar. The first two are French and the third, Spanish. Have to say I prefer the French ones. The one from Puyodebat in particular is sharp and slightly bitter but these are gently balanced with a little vanilla. That from Henriet was smoother and sweeter. My friends liked it but I expected the flavours to linger a little longer on the palate. I didn't like the one from Penaquel so much. It was good no doubt, but it was too sweet for me and I felt the original flavour of the cocoa had been compromised. But it would work well as an easy after-dinner tidbit.
(By the way, we even went to the Henriet museum of chocolate. What fun!)

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At 6:18 pm, Blogger Alicia said...

Yes Rosh, it is true - you are a choco-addict and I see that we have lost you to the Big Brown Beyond there in Basque country.


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