Sunday, June 3

El Sitio Del Magueyal, San Sebastian

I wonder if you are as sick as I am of the current fad with molten chocolate cake. Sure, its good, but it's (as my sister would say) so five minutes ago. So this was a pleasant surprise. Actually, more than just pleasant. I was blown away. And I couldn't help thinking how it was the perfect cake for my choco cake partner-in-crime and me. It's got the sponge that she likes, the mousse that I like, and the richness and bittersweetness that we both adore. Did I mention the crunch of the choco bits that iced the cake? The only thing I can think of that comes close in flavour and texture is Haagen-Dazs belgian chocolate ice-cream. I thought about it all night long, and I couldn't sleep til I'd emailed her this photo for her vicarious enjoyment-it had to be shared, immediately. This is a winner in my books. Oh yes, I forget, we also had very good spinach and salmon lasagne and lamb and pork kebabs, but those turned out to be mere means to an end. An excellent end.

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