Monday, January 30

First Thai Food

23 Purvis Street T.6339 3123

The First Thai concept is appealing to those who shun the stuffy restaurant scene but want more than a scanty roadside stall. The food is good, portions decent, and the ambience simple, functional, yet quirky and original. Under every table is a stack of recent magazines alongside the necessary cutlery. On the walls, nothing more than a random assembly of traditional Chinese paintings atop the blue-green mosaic tiling of old. I wouldn't exactly call this place unpretentious, because enough consideration has gone into the little details to make it different and appealing, but definitely well considered and bold.

But to the food. On this occasion, we had all the staples: olive rice, the ubiquitous seafood tom yum soup, stir-fried kangkong (morning glory leaves) and minced chicken with basil leaves. And honestly, when its the simple stuff that wows you, you know you've hit upon the jackpot. This stuff tastes real, as if grandma made it specially for me alone. But that's not the best of it--dessert's great too! We had the steamed tapioca with coconut milk, silky smooth and luxuriant. The perfect indulgence to seal a good meal. Total bill, plus drinks: $46 (US$28). Not too bad, huh.