Monday, February 27

Botak Jones

Blk 608, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Juicy burgers, handmade patties, chicken gumbo, chilli corn carne, cajun fries, fish and chips - ah... fabulous American food has hit the heartland. These specials are lovingly made by Bernie, formerly of the Bernie's fame from BFD on East Coast Park, and Bernie's at Boat Quay (he sold out the business) and at heartland prices. The burgers (starting at S$4.50 / US$2.30) were freshly made and juicy though I find that the buns got soggy probably because of our weather; the gumbo was mediocre (S$4) but the chilli (S$4) was rather delicious. I plan on trying the chilli dog next and also the fish and chips. It was not crowded when I was there at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon but from the continous stream of people who came by, it seems that Botak Jones has got itself a fan club. This is the second Botak Jones - the first serves the crowd over in Tuas.


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