Monday, April 24

Bach Dang Ice Cream, Ho Chi Minh

26-28 Le Loi, Q1 T. 822 3150

Our first introduction to food in Saigon was through Bach Dang – we had long heard about the wonders of ice cream in this city but never did we expect to find one that would give Ben and Jerry’s a run for its money. The "must-try" is the coconut ice-cream that was so full of the rich coconut flavour that you knew right away the concept of bottled flavours simply does not exist here. This was pure coconut cream and milk. Being served up in a young coconut only added to the flavour, as you could scrape off the flesh and eat it with the ice cream. Oh boy. This was out of this world.

We also tried the yam ice cream. This stood strong on its own merit. None of that bright purple stuff here. This was not overpowering, but rich and creamy. A bit too thick for my liking, but yam being starchy by nature, there was probably no escape from that. How delightful to have ice-cream that didn't taste manufactured. And judging from the crowds at this outlet every evening, its good to know that others feel the same way too!


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