Wednesday, June 28

Ji De Chi (Hong Kong Desserts)

Liang Seah Street

The Chinese name for the stall (and it only has a Chinese name) translates literally into “remember to eat”. But does one really need reminding when it comes to desserts? This is one of a few but growing (at least I hope) specialty dessert places that serve traditional Hong Kong style dessert, from steamed egg, steamed milk, to walnut paste, dumplings in ginger soup (bottom right) and hashima (I call this frog’s spit). My favourite here though it the cold mango dessert (top right) that is filled with chunks of mango and a sprinkling of the sac of the grapefruit. Depending on the time of the year, the grapefruit is replaced with pomelo. Goes down extremely well on a warm day. Prices are way reasonable, averaging S$3-5 / US$1.70-3 per serving.


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