Wednesday, August 2

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

265 Upper Thomson Road
T. 6452 2112

Its rare that one can find a decent Korean / Japanese / Thai restaurant outside of the city belt but Auntie Kim’s is quite an exception. This restaurant serves up delicious Korean fare. Its barbeque meats and hotpots score pretty much on the high side with me.

My favs are the ribs and the spicy tofu soup. They offer to grill it for you if you have a small party. I have also tried their bim bim bab (hot pot rice) on another occassion and it was yums. This visit, they also served us a delicious new potato side, cotated in a sweet honey like sauce (left). Prices are reasonable (we paid about S$40/US$22 for two) and best part of it, you don’t have to brave the crowds in the city to have spicy Korean.


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