Monday, August 28

Hong Kong Café

2nd Floor, Orchard Cineleisure

I was in the mood for toast and chancing on this place was just perfect. I ordered one of my favourites - a newly acquired taste for the thick Hong Kong style toast slathered with peanut butter and condensed milk. Sounds disgusting but tastes heavenly. The perfect combination of toast with the rich peanut spread, with that tinge of sweetness from the condensed milk. Perfect with that cup of afternoon tea.

What stood out about the menu is the nice balance of Hong Kong and Singapore items. So there actually is a choice of Hong Kong style or Kopi-tiam (Singapore coffee shop) -style tea as we know it.
I only realised much later that this is actually part of the chain that also has a branch on East Coast Road that did not leave much of an impression. This place is certainly far superior in food quality and service.


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