Thursday, August 3

Weiner Kaffeehaus

148 Neil Road T. 6226 3148

A piece of Europe right at the edge of Chinatown. You almost feel culture-shocked when walking into this place. Its done up bistro style with mirrors on one side, bar counter on the other and plenty of darkwood. If not for the Singaporean diners, its easy to mistake this for a cafe in Europe. Food served is European, Austrian to be precise. I had the lovely rich goulash complete with the dough ball which according to my lunch companion, was fairly authentic. But the Singaporean in me was missing the bread to sop up all that sauce. We also tried the chicken sandwich (not sure if this was Austrian in any way) which was really good and full of mayo (the friendly tasting kind). They also served very lovely coffee – we didn’t have room for caffeine but whatever free smells we got were divine.

A foodie friend who had the sacher torte was dissapointed though. The dessert tasted stale and dry and required loads of cream to mask of all of that.


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