Saturday, September 9

Assam Laksa, Kuala Lumpur

Bangsar Night Market

This is a must-have whenever I am in Malaysia. Somehow assam laksa (a spicy and sour noodle soup dish) always tastes a tad different here. The soup is sweeter from the fish in the stock, the noodles springy and chewy, the added fresh mint and cucumber garnish brings this entire dish together marvelously, regardless of where it’s served. This evening, I had it at a makeshift stall set up in the Bangsar night market. Delicious.


At 5:04 pm, Blogger toniXe said...

hi ladies, I bump into your site while exploring assam laksa !

u have a really short and sweet site I must say. Check up some of my malaysian misadventures at my food blog !

have fun !

At 10:53 pm, Blogger tlc said...

thanks! it will come in handy on my next makan visit.


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