Sunday, November 12

House of Hunan

House of Hunan
238 Thomson Road
#03-09 Novena Square
T. 6733 7667

This was one gorgeous restaurant. The décor was amazing, so much so that you will forget that you are actually in a neigbourhood mall, in a otherwise typical restaurant.

Helps loads too that the restaurant is still fairly new, and running this hugely attractive promotion: S$9 / US$5.50 for a gamut of its specialities.

We ordered up a storm. Covering practically all of the table: the double boiled chicken soup, cold garlic chicken, drunken chicken, claypot tofu, braised trotters, fish steamed in a special chilli mix, prawns stir fried with preserved chillies, long beans with spicy minced meat. I am no expert on Hunan food, but everything was spicy and delicious, and our tongues were burning. After awhile, the spiciness didn’t matter anymore and we kept tucking it all away.

To cool the meal down, we had several desserts: the bean paste pancake was tasty, the jelly with lime sorbet was divine, and the caramelized sweet potato, made by dunking steaming hot sweet potatoes in a bowl of syrup and then plunged into cold water was interesting.


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