Sunday, November 12

Le P’tit Brenton

Le P’tit Brenton
200 Upper Thomson Road #01-11
T. 6259 4300

This is one peculiar creperie. The first thing I noticed were its signs: “Please put your mobile on silent”, “No taking of pictures in the restaurant”, “Minimum charge of $10 / US$6 per person”, and all that whispering. I felt compelled to whisper. This surely was one place with an attitude. Its no wonder the chef once threw one of its diners out for raising a ruckus in the establishment.

That aside, the crepes were fabulous. The lemon crepe left us craving for more while the banana and chocolate crepe reminded me of the cold days in Paris. Will I be back? Certainly for the crepes. Though I could do without the attitude.

Update: Went by the cafe early Dec 06 only to find it shut. Apparently the cafe could not get their lease extended. And from the note at the shop trying to sell off everything, it does not look like they have plans for relocating.


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