Thursday, May 24

Giroki Taverna, San Sebastian

This place is a favourite after-class hangout. You only see pintxos in the photo but really, its plato combinados are great too. It is most famous for the Carolina. That's a bocadillo with a fillet of chicken (and I mean a whole chicken) fried in breadcrumbs, lettuce and mayo. It's H.U.G.E. But it only costs 3.50 euros (S$7.10). That may seem expensive to you, but given that you could feed 3 people with one, it's really nothing. Of course, I had one to myself, but then, that's just me being extremely greedy..and naive. Another thing I adore here is the crepe with cheese and mushroom.
Yum yum yum yum yum. Best thing after a hard day at school.

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