Sunday, January 13

Dinner, Tokyo

Dinner was with a friend, based in Tokyo, in a restaurant tucked in one of the back lanes off Ginza. Not quite sure where it was exactly as I was greeted by a confusion of neon signs just as we entered the side lane. I was totally amazed at home many of these secret dining spots there are just off the main drag.

Dishes here are from a particular Japanese district. There were lot of small eats, including the smoothest tofu that I have ever tried, served in a large dish and dressed in the most delicate soy. Accompanying dishes include the chicken wings and Japanese style crocquettes.

Desserts were interesting too. We had a mochi (sticky rice based cake) that was covered in fragrant sesame powder and almond tofu – all very delicious and incredibly affordable. Dinner for two was just over S$50 / US$30.


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