Thursday, December 14

City Hall Maxim’s Palace, Hong Kong

City Hall Maxim’s Palace
Low Block, City Hall
T. 2521 1303

One of my dining companions skipped for joy on seeing the empty reception area when we arrived at about 10 that morning. Apparently, a massive crowd and a wait is more of the norm for a seating here.

City Hall Maxim boasts of a huge hall, well lit from the light outside and a fabulous view of the harbour. We worked our way through cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) stuffed with prawn and char siew (roast pork), char siew pao (steamed buns stuffed with roast pork), har gow, siew mai (different steamed dumplings), char siew sor (flaky pasty), soy bean curd …. All were good. And the service superbly efficient.

Not surprising, when we eventually left the restaurant, we had to wade through a crowd anxiously waiting for their turn.


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