Thursday, December 14

Perfect Roasted Goose Seafood Restaurant, Hong Kong

Perfect Roasted Goose Seafood Restaurant
Kennedy Town
T. 2818 9168

We decided to act on a cab driver’s recommendation of a great roast goose place and headed for Kennedy Town, a 10-minute cab ride from Central. What we found was a neighbourhood restaurant, filled with folks eating a mutton stew out of claypots.

We ordered what we came for – found it very lean and excessively chewy. It was missing the crunch and the flavours I typically would associate with roast goose. We also had that abalone soup which was ok, and a very woody vegetable stir-fried in pumpkin sauce that was interesting.

I am convinced that is all in the fat – where roast goose is concerned. Meal worked out to be about S$20 / US$12.50 per person.


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