Wednesday, June 6

Xukela Restaurante, Bilbao

This little gem of a place is in the old part of Bilbao, and we happened upon it on our way home. Loved the decor and layout. This salad was so delightful-warm pate on pimientos and cured ham. Just look at that! Ahhhhh... Oh yes, funny story. An old lady, French I think, passed our table on her way out and her face lit up when she saw the bread on our table. She asked for a bit, and also some chorizo. We didn't mind at all but her family was so embarrassed. She was such a sweet little lady though, and she looked so pleased!

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At 6:20 pm, Blogger Alicia said...

And no, you are not being the least bit self-indulgent by pigging out on all that incredible food on the pretext of reviewing the places ... are you? Mmmm? ;)

At 2:18 am, Blogger blinkingredlight said...

all i've been doing is selflessly acceding to your request for spanish food reviews..can't help it if the food is good:)

At 4:28 am, Blogger Alicia said...

Bloody hell!!!


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