Sunday, June 4


Whitchurch Road (off Portsdown Road)

Colbar has found a new home not far from where it was previously. It was a tad strange though to be set back from the main road unlike before. Nevertheless, the place has been recreated to be just like the original, right down to the “no air-con” detail. I have to confess, this info is a tad late, since they moved in 2003. But its only recently that I have returned here.

The food, much like the building, is pretty much the same. Good old Hainanese cooking: yummy Merry land chicken, crumbed and fried, served with baked beans, a fried banana, egg and fat fat chips; pork chop with mushrooms and more chips (top); thick chicken curry; and help yourself drinks. Great place to chill out anytime. Plan on early dinners though, last orders are at 8.30pm.


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