Monday, June 18

Restaurante Portaletas, San Sebastian

There were a lot of elements in this meal that were good but only a couple are worth mentioning here. First, the vegetable pudding. I suppose this is the vegetarian equivalent of meatloaf, with bread and lots of mushy veggies. The other, was the cod. On the face of it, this looked like the most plain thing ever-a piece of cod covered with some leek in a garlic jus..didn't seem too exciting really. But I really enjoyed both the fish and the veggies. Felt quite earthy, and very home-cooked, so left the place feeling quite healthy. It wasn't a spectacular meal, sure, but this place deserves a solid 'good'.

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At 5:38 pm, Blogger Jamie Schler said...

got home from a trip to San Sebastian and we too ate at Restaurante Portaletas in the Old City, (Calle Puerto 8) and had an incredible, memorable, home-cooked meal : Pimientos del padron, Sopa de Pescado, Baby Squid cooked 2 ways, and their homemade Flan and a very light sweetened cream topped with apricot compote. And they were so kind and helpful? We loved it! (Jamie in Nantes)


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